Friday, 27 April 2018

Salute Loot!!!

I didn't think I bought that much, but it seems as though I did!?!
I've finally had the chance to rifle through my goody bags last night, to see what I bought during Salute 2018.

Three books from Cavalier, all for THE period. I probably don't need these as I've got pretty much 
all the info I need, but.............

My first ever purchase from Crooked Dice.
Some pretty cool terrain items.

A show wouldn't be a show without my fix of Essex minis.
Just a few packs of Cavalry command for the NYW


A free gift from fellow Blogger Bob Cordery.
I've always quite fancied the Spanish Civil War??

Tools from Bicorne, for Sedgemoor figures and the like.

Ah Gawd!
Another offshoot for Donnybrook

Two Highlander Officers from Crann Tara minis

Character figures from Warlord, maybe be a bit small me thinks??


A very nice little collection of counters from Warbases.

Redoubt figures from Col Bill

More Highlanders this time from Dixon

I also bought some pre-painted Redoubt Highlanders from Grubby Tanks, so all in all 
a rather large selection!

Monday, 23 April 2018

Bloggers meet up @ Salute 2018

At Salute each year we Bloggers meet up for 30 minutes to say hello in the flesh, here are a few photos of the infamous 30 minutes.
The annual Bloggers meet up at 12:30
From L to R 
BigLee took the photo.

Tamsin, Dave, Carl & Paul?

Not sure what Posties up to hear??

Or there??

Sir Micheal Awdry looking slighty bemused too?

Mike looking rather creepy........

Sir M, Al (Not Tamsin!!!) with Sidney Rounwood.

Carl, Simon, Sir M and Al

Postie took the Team Blogger pic, but the poor old bugger can't see properly and ruined 
all of the photos on Tamsins camera!

Alastair and Dave

Bob and Prancing Pony............sorry Lee!

Legatus and Eric the Shed